Windows 10 Hyper-V login error fix

I use a laptop at work as my main computer. Sometimes it is nice to run a virtual machine to test certain things. Since I work from home from time to time, I don't like to use our VMWare environment for my tests. I use Hyper-V on my laptop to host some of virtual machines. It works great for the most part. Recently, I was testing some group policies and needed a clean desktop to test with. I created a Windows 10 Enterprise VM on my laptop. When I tried to login to the Windows 10 VM using Hyper-V manager I got the error message below:

“To sign in remotely, you need the right to sign in through Remote Desktop Services. By default, members of the Remote Desktop Users group have this right. If the group you’re in doesn’t have this right, or -f the right has been removed from the Remote Desktop Users group, you need to be granted this right manually.”

This was the first time I saw this error since I usually only test servers. After poking around, I found how to get around this without adding my account to the Remote Desktop Users group. The trick was to turn off enhanced mode. I have circled the button you need to click to do this. Basically enhanced mode is a Remote Desktop connection to the VM and non enhanced is like logging into the console of the computer. Logging into the console is what I need to test since it will best replicate what users do. I hope this helps.